Interior Features & Options - Cabinetry

    Natural Oak
  • 3/4" Solid Wood Oak
  • Face Frames
  • Natural Oak Raised
  • Panel Cabinet Doors
    Honey Stained Maple
  • Solid Maple Wood with aMedium Maple Stain
  • Cabinets All Raised Panel
  • Cabinets All Cathedral-Top
    Cinnamon Stained Maple
  • Solid Maple Wood Cabinets with a Soft Cherry Stain
  • Cathedral-Top Doors
  • Cabinet Doors All Raised Panel
    Olde Towne Bisque
  • Solid Maple Wood Cabinets with a Hand-Rubbed, Glazed Finish
  • Roman-Top Doors
  • Cabinet Doors All Raised Panel
    Spice Cherry
  • Solid Cherry Wood Cabinets with a Soft Cherry Stain
  • Roman-Top Doors
  • Cabinet Doors All Raised Panel

Standard Blue Mountain Cabinetry Features

  • Residential Configured Drawer-Over-Door Cabinet Design
  • Oak Cabinets with 3/4" Face Frames
  • Concealed Cabinet Hinges
  • Metal Drawer Guide System
  • Geneva Dull Pewter Cabinet Hardware
  • 25" Deep Laminate Countertop (Solid Surfaces Available)
  • Ceramic Tile Backsplash
  • Adjustable Shelving in Kitchen Cabinet Overheads
  • Shelving in All Base Cabinets
  • Medicine Cabinets and/or Light with Mirror in All Baths
  • 36" High Vanities in All Baths

Optional Cabinetry Features

  • Cabinetry-Matching Tub Surrounds at Soaker Tubs
  • Beveled Edge on Countertop
  • Merit Curve Decorative Glass in Cabinet Door
  • Tuscan Decorative Glass with Pewter/Copper/Bronze Leading in Cabinet Door
  • Tip Tray at Kitchen Sink

Disclaimer: Colors and appearances may vary from images shown on this page. Always make color selections using physical samples available with your local builder/dealer.


Pictured Above
Solid Maple Wood Dovetailed Drawer Box Option


Pictured Above
Opt. Merit Curve Glass
Pictured Above
Opt. Tuscan Leaded Glass


Pictured Above
Std. Geneva Dull Hardware


Pictured Above
Opt. Bronze Oil Rubbed Hardware

The Natural Beauty of Hardwoods

The natural beauty and variations found in all hardwoods are much like those of a snowflake. Each tree, like an individual snowflake, has characteristic differences in color and grain produced by Nature. These differences represent its Natural Beauty.

The three most popular hardwoods – Red Oak, Maple and Cherry – persevere in harsh environments by transforming its nutrients into wood with beautiful grain patterns. Natural occurrence caused by trauma or stress to the trees as they grow – traumas such as high winds, freezing temperatures, insects and even closeness of other trees can create color variations. These color variations and deposits are all part of the life cycle of the trees that we use to build your cabinetry. Each of these precious woods has it’s own characteristics as well.

  • Red Oak is a solid, open grained hardwood with a color range from white to yellow to gray to reddish. It is sometimes streaked with mineral deposits and varies from close-knit to open-grain arch patterns.
  • Maple is a strong wood with close-knit grains with areas of varied density. It is predominantly off-white in color and occasionally contains small deposits of mineral that are light tan and even black. Due to these characteristics, Maple accepts stain with varied results, especially in the darker colors.
  • Cherry is a rich hardwood that is usually pinkish-brown in color. This color can vary from pinkish-brown to white, green, red and even gray. A natural characteristic of Cherry is that it will darken and mellow with age. This occurs through light exposure and oxidation regardless of the finish applied. You may notice black deposits of “gum” in your Cherry products.