The Grand Home Package


The "Grand Home" Package is available on any Pine Grove home. It includes finished drywall throughout the home, including all closets. All trim, molding, and interior doors are white. The "Attic" Package can be added, making for a 7/12 roof pitch and walk-up attic with a staircase.


Package Includes:

  • Primed, Finished Drywall throughout (including master bedroom closets)

  • White six-panel interior doors with lever handles

  • 7/16-inch OSB-wrap around the entire home

  • Natural oak cabinetry throughout

  • Heavy Profile, white wood molding throughout

  • White crown molding throughout

  • White baseboard molding

  • White window sills

  • Single Row of 6” x 6” Ceramic Backsplash OR 4” High Laminate Backsplash

Other Optional Features:

  • White Fluted Crown Moulding

  • 5-Inch White Baseboard

  • 5/12 or 7/12 Pitch Roof