The Developer Package


The "Developer" Package is available on any 28'-Wide home. It includes finished drywall throughout the home, including all closets. A true 5/12 roof pitch and 8-foot sidewalls with flat ceilings are also part of the package. All trim, molding, and interior doors are white. The "Attic" Package can be added, making for a 7/12 roof pitch and walk-up attic with a staircase. 


Package Includes:

  • Primed, Finished Drywall throughout (including all closets)

  • 8-foot Sidewalls with flat ceilings throughout

  • A True 5.0/12 Roof Pitch (Available as a 7.0/12 Pitch with Walk-Up Attic and Staircase with door)

  • 30-Year Architectural shingles with shingle-over-ridge vent

  • White six-panel doors with lever handles

  • 7/16-inch OSB-wrap around the entire home

  • Natural oak cabinetry throughout

  • Heavy profile, white wood molding throughout

  • White baseboard molding

  • White window sills

  • Single Row of 6” x 6” Ceramic Backsplash OR 4” High Laminate Backsplash

Other Optional Features:

  • Optional Ceiling Crown Molding Available at No Additional Charge

  • 5-Inch White Baseboard